old and new, quick and drawn-out paintings
Paintings - always being updated...
created this one morning after coming back from hawaii, which served as inspiration... materials used: glue, water, tissue, watercolor, foil, magazine articles, newsprint. 
unfinished (purposely?) icarus and the all seeing judging eyes. study for eye form, feather, texture, lighting. acrylic on canvas. 2008
make believe, not war. inspired by music and economic crash. self-portrait. acrylic, watercolor, newsprint, glue. 2008.
quick watercolor in laguna beach. caught my eye with horizontal lines and such interesting writing style using an orange peel. why an orange? why rastafari? awesome letterform. 2009
mundane objects turned interesting with texture. glass, leather, rubber, drywall, ceramic. oil on canvas. 2007
quick color match study using limited palette. oil on canvas. 2007
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